Are Solar Panels a Rip-off?

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So many people have an outdated idea that solar panels are a rip-off and expensive addition to any home. While residential solar may cost a fair bit to install upfront, depending on the size of your property, the return on your investment will easily make this worthwhile. Today we’re going to look at why you should consider solar energy for your property and why it will be one of the best investments you make for your home this year.

Using a Reputable Company To Install Residential Solar

One reason why residential solar is regarded as a rip-off within some circles is how several companies today are marketing this eco-friendly solution for your home. Unfortunately, door-to-door sales associates started to give solar a bad name, along with online advertising for these products. To get a realistic quote for your home, we always recommend working with a professional residential solar company with trusted reviews, such as Your Solar Shop. We’ll be extremely upfront about the costs of solar from the initial consultation and then will work with you to build the perfect system for your home. They’ll be no hidden charges or unexpected fees, so you won’t have to worry about a growing bill during the process.

Return on Investment for Solar Panels

We encourage anyone looking at residential solar to see it as a long-term investment and not just for the short-term gain. As with any home improvement project, the up-front costs can seem a little overwhelming, but when you break that down over the years, you’ll soon find the decision makes a lot of sense financially. The most common reason to add solar panels to your home is to reduce your energy bills, and when you begin to calculate how much you’ll save each month and then over a year or two, you’ll soon see that this is a great idea for any property. The government also offers tax incentives, which can help to offset the initial installation cost even further.

Solar Panels are a Long-Term Investment

While you are likely expecting to remain in your current property for the foreseeable future, you can rest assured that you’ll likely gain back the money you spent on the solar panels when you decide to sell your property. Residential solar is something that many property buyers are looking for today, and you can easily add the amount you spent on the installation to your property price to recoup the costs. You are likely to lose very little from this purchase in the long run but will gain so much from adding solar panels to your house.

Enjoy Using Your Solar For 25-30 Years or More

If you are comfortable in your current home and have no intention to relocate, the great news is that solar panel installations usually last between 25 and 30 years. As long as you look after the solar panels properly, which you’ll be pleased to know takes very little work, you’ll find this to be a long-lasting solution for generating energy in your home. 

While various factors can change this length of time, most property owners find between 12 and 15 years after the initial installation, and they have completely offset the initial cost of installing solar. No two properties are the same, but the rule of thumb is that the larger the solar panel installation, the greater the return on investment. As with almost everything in life, we can only expect energy bills and the cost of living to keep increasing in upcoming years, so you’ll be setting yourself up with a reliable alternative energy source to power your home without the increasing prices year over year.

Here at Your Solar Shop, we offer residential solar for properties of all shapes and sizes. We’ll work with you to establish the best solution for your home and be up-front about the costs associated with the equipment and installation. We work with homeowners to provide them with an eco-friendly solution that will offer an excellent return on investment over the next several decades and beyond. When we are asked if solar panels are a rip-off, our answer is always a resounding no. We hope you can now see why residential solar is a fantastic option for any home and something that we believe any homeowner should consider for their property.

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